Fleetstar News
Further enhancements to Fleetstar-online

Fleetstar-online has been further upgraded to include:
Overnight displays on the Dynamic Timesheet;
Locations may be tagged with meaningful words or phrases;
Locations are now clustered together at the higher Google Map zoom levels.

Cybit News
New Fleetstar Reports Book

We are delighted to publish an overview of Fleetstar's reporting capability in PDF format.

In broad terms our Report Book examines vehicles, drivers, employees, workflow and risk management. It demonstrates how you can, with minimal input, get maximum benefit from Fleetstar's combination of on-demand or emailed reports. The report book contains:

• Core reporting functions, benefits and examples
• The areas of business that are served with reporting
• The business questions that Fleetstar's reporting can answer

To request your individual copy please email info@cybit.co.uk

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